My Passion

To make films with an important social message, that may touch the hearts of all who view it.

My Experience

I began my career in the Entertainment Industry in 1984 in Miami, Florida, as a talent agent with one of the largest Talent/Model Agencies in South Florida.  During this time, Miami Vice was shot in Miami and was the hottest show on Network Television.  From extras to day and weekly players, I booked so many actors that I stood out of the talent agent crowd with the late John Nicolella, Producer of Miami Vice.  I was invited to every wrap party and season premier party they had and after listening to so many people in the Industry from Hollywood, that I met, I decided to move to Los Angeles, where I worked as a Talent Manger,  Casting Director, Production Assistant and Production Manager during the 8 years that I lived in L.A.

With my roots in Florida, I decided to move back in 1995 and opened my own Talent Agency in Orlando, which was extremely successful and enabled me to participate in the local Casting for HBO's "From Earth to the Moon", which I share an Emmy for Casting.

About the Producer

SandWoman Films

Sandi Bell

Executive Producer